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My Values

“All for Our Country”

This could easily be a four-word summary of why I am running, but is also our state motto.  I am proud to live in the Battle Born State.  It is by doing what is right that I know will help our state and country.


Education is the primary way to make people stronger and the gateway to a better future for individuals, our state, and our country.  Earning a degree, completing an internship, or even taking one class can be the ticket to a career and better life.


I believe that people of all races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientations should be able to live their lives without laws getting in the way.  Diversity only makes us stronger.  Some of my opponents have voted to suppress rights and I feel certain they will end up on the wrong side of history.

I take my children to participate in all kinds of events where we learn more about different cultures, beliefs, and the past. We regularly attend Celebrate Israel, the Las Vegas Greek Food Fest, the Lebanese American Festival, the Ho’olaule’a Pacific Islands Festival, and have toured Mormon historical sites, as well as visited many regional museums.


Divisive politics have endangered the success and future of our country.  We need more peacemakers and elected officials that are able to work together towards finding solutions, not creating more problems.  Electing representatives from the fringes of both political parties does nothing to unite the country and move us forward. Only 18% of people trust that Washington will do the right thing (Pew Research).

“All legislation, all government, all society, is formed upon the principle of mutual concession, politeness, comity, courtesy; upon these, everything is based… You are respectful to me because I am respectful to you. Compromise is peculiarly appropriate among the members of a republic as of one common family… Let him who elevates himself above humanity. above its weaknesses. its infirmities. its wants. it necessities, say, if he pleases, I never will compromise, but let no one who is not above the frailties of our common nature disdain compromises.”

Henry Clay – April 8, 1850


Work Horses vs Show Horses

Some politicians talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. I do my homework on issues and do as much as I can to move issues forward. I am a worker. I work hard to understand the history, context, and different points of view on issues and develop ideas to move us forward in the direction that is beneficial.

Fiscally Conservative

I believe the government has to operate within its means and that debt is not a solution.