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Divisive politics doesn’t get us anywhere except further apart. In order to bring our country together, change needs to happen. We need elected officials that do their research, talk to each other regardless of their political affiliation, and who look for solutions to our national problems. We don’t need or want to send another far left or far right politician (Seaman and Mortensen) to Washington.

We need representatives that support everyone’s right (and don’t vote against them in the state legislature as Hammond (R) did).

We need representatives that are down to earth (and not millionaires who try to buy their seat in Congress such as Suzie Lee (D) is).

I want to lead from the middle and seek consensus to move us forward as a nation.

I need your help. I won my last election with no spending on advertising, but it will cost money to win this election. I appreciate every contribution! Together we can do what’s right.


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