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The Issues


Education is the binder that either makes a society better or becomes the limiting factor for growth.  Our country has to be at the forefront of innovation.  If we do not concentrate on innovation, what is the growth area of our country? Manufacturing is no longer the future. Intellectual property and inventions will move us forward.  We need to use the education system to promote inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial ways of thinking.


Currently we have systems in place that benefit the lowest income earners.  As a society, we’ve also decided that our seniors should have insurance and a way to keep healthy.  We need a better way to provide healthcare to everyone. The percentage of insured people that report that healthcare is more difficult to pay for has increased from 2015 to 2017.  It is not getting better but worse.  One of myopponents states that they declared bankruptcy and lost their home from medical debt.  We can’t continue down the path we are going.

Veterans and Defense

We have to take care of the people who have put their lives on hold, sacrificing time with family and friends for the service of our country. There needs to be an audit of how the money earmarked for veterans and military personnel is being used. Past and present members of the service deserve to have their needs met, both while in service and after service.There should never be a veteran that has difficulty getting medical care in our country.

Defense spending suffers from the same overhead problems from which education typically suffers. We need to make sure that funding supports troops on the ground at a reasonable level and that all of the money does notdisappear upstream.